5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

When you run a service-based business of any kind, your customer service experience is closely tied to your profitability. The better your customer service reputation is, the more repeat business and referral business you will generate. But, dealing with the public is tough work. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Here are five ways you can gain a competitive advantage and improve your customer service experience.

1. Send Appointment Confirmations

The first time your client does business with you, it’s a leap of faith. They have likely been burned before. The more contact you can have with them before, during, and after your service call, the more confidence they will have in your service and the better they will feel about the entire experience. You can automate some of this contact by using appointment confirmations that go out as emails or SMS texts.

2. Use Call Tracking

Even with all of the different communications options, most service businesses still start most client interactions with a phone call. That first phone call is the first and best chance you have of closing the sale. You can use call tracking software to monitor everything about your phone calls. You can see how long the phone rings before the call is answered, where the calls are coming from, and when the calls are coming.

Armed with this information, you can make sure you always have enough people to answer calls and convert those prospects into paying clients.

3. Use Only One Piece of Software to Schedule and Manage Your Business

Even small service-based businesses are often running multiple pieces of software to keep everything and everyone working. But, sometimes using too many different programs leads to lost information and miscommunication.

It is more cost-effective, efficient, and better for your customer service if you use a single field service software to manage all of your calendaring and communication needs. Workiz is easy to use and completely transforms your business in just 14 days.

4. Pretend Every Customer or Client is Your Grandma

Everyone knows that we need to be friendly, patient, and empathetic to our clients. But, it can be hard for employees to remember all of their training in the heat of the moment. One simple shortcut is to tell your team that should treat every client like that person is their grandma.

This simple strategy can help your team keep their cool and motivate them to give a little extra for

each client interaction.

Your clients will notice and they will tell their friends.

5. Make Honesty Non-Negotiable

What do clients hate the most? No, it’s actually not rude salespeople, it’s feeling lied to….Clients are willing to deal with a lot of things as long as they feel you are honest with them. If you are going to be late, tell them. Make sure your team gives realistic quotes. Set expectations and follow through on what you promise.

Let your team know that if they promise it, they have to deliver it. When your clients understand that you are really willing to stand behind your work and that you honor your promises, they will be loyal clients for life.

Your reputation is too precious to ruin with even one, small, white lie.

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