The New Job time tracking is here!! 

(Aka “clock in / clock out”)

Introducing the all-new job time tracking feature. This is maybe one of our most requested features of all time. 

This will allow your techs to actually “clock in” when they get to a job, giving you full visibility into where your technician’s time is spent. 

Until now, all employees used the same timesheet feature at Workiz, which let business owners view an employee’s general hours. 

Now, techs out in the field can clock in and out of actual job sites, so you see where their time is actually spent. 

So, why is this so important?

Maybe your technician spends 40 hours on the job, but only 20 hours on actual job sites.

This could mean that your technician is spending too much time commuting to actual job sites and the dispatchers should start to use Metro Areas when scheduling.

Or, it could mean you have a technician who’s spending too much time on personal business. 

The new job time tracking allows you to really get down to the nitty gritty, and see where the technician is spending their time, and then use that information to make better decisions about your business.

This could mean adding an extra technician to your staff, using subcontractors, Metro Areas, or handling some internal HR challenges. 

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