Auto Client Search

Workiz is always working in the background to save you time. Every time you add a new job or client, Workiz will search to find a match by phone number, name or address. When matched you can take a quick look at this client’s properties and assign one.

Client Info Pop Up

When a client matching the details you are typing is found, A pop up appears with possibles matches. You can quickly scroll and see what properties this client has, what service did you provide in the past and what was charged for them so you can match the discount.

Client auto search pop up

Quick Client Reassign

Made a mistake? You can always reassign a job to another client with the client search and reassign tool in your job page.

Reassign jobs to another client

Search By Custom Fields

You can add new custom fields and assign them to your client auto search. So a client match will pop up when entering an auto plate number or a model serial number.

Client custom field search

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Auto Client Search

Auto Client Search

Auto Client Search