Client Phone Masking

Tired of not knowing what techs are actually saying to your clients? Want to make sure your client stays your?
Workiz allows you to hide your clients true phone number and even get recordings of calls between your team and the client in 60 seconds after the call was made.

Mask Your Client's Phone Number

Every time you submit a job Workiz will attach a temporary phone number or extension number (depending on your setup) to this client. The original phone number will be kept hidden from your field stuff. When your users call this number they will reach the client as if they dialed them directly.

Client phone masking number

Instant Monitoring

The recording of your tech’s call to the client is available on your job page within 60 seconds. You can listen in and verify your techs are making the client feel assured.

Service technician call recording

Monitor Your Response

Jobs that techs made calls to are marked in your schedule with a call counter. No need to wait for angry client calls, you already know who called who and when. You can also view the call report and get a response average per field tech or job type.

Service management call tracking

Keep Your Client With Your Caller ID

You can also control the caller id that clients see when your techs call. Make sure that next time that this client needs service he dials your number and not the tech’s cell phone.

Service call caller id

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Client Phone Masking

Client Phone Masking

Client Phone Masking