Custom Notifications

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Being an owner-operator of a service business can be a tough challenge for anyone. Having to balance the need to show your face in the field to clients and monitoring your dispatch at the same time can be overwhelming.
Our custom notifications tool allows you to stay updated while away.
You can simply add the parameters you care about and start receiving SMS messages.

Custom service SMS notifications
Custom sms notification setup

You can get notified by SMS or Email for any scenario, for example:

Scenario: you suspect that a tech named Garry is not reporting all the cash he is taking from jobs.

Notify me by SMS when a job is Done and tech name is Garry and type is Tile cleaning and amount is smaller than $60.

Scenario: You are having a huge amount of canceled jobs lately and want to be informed in order to minimize them.

Notify me when a Job id Canceled

Scenario: You just trained Alvin with programming car keys and you think he is not doing his best to finish every job causing him to cancel some of them.

Notify me when a job is canceled and tech name is Alvin and type is New car key.

Scenario: You are worried about your field agents not fulfilling the up-sale potential of some jobs.

Notify me when a job is done and type is “water damage” and the amount is smaller than $1400.

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Custom Notifications

Custom Notifications

Custom Notifications