Manage Your Inventory Items

You can manage your inventory across one or many storage locations.
Storage locations can be your main office, warehouse or even your service vehicles.
You can add or move items from one storage container to another and always know what your inventory stock levels are.

How Its Done?

When you start using Workiz’s inventory management, the first and main storage container will be created for you.
All add inventory will be added to this container.
When you add items to a job or invoice, items will be removed automatically from the main stock.
As you add more storage containers, you will have the option to add items from those containers according to the user’s restrictions levels.

Assign And Restrict Users

You can assign users to a specific storage container so when they add a new item it is selected by default.
In addition you can restrict the user to that single container, making it impossible for them to access any other container.
So if a certain driver is assigned to a service vehicle, you can make sure he uses stock from that storage alone.

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Inventory storage containers

Inventory storage containers

Inventory storage containers