Manage Your Inventory Items

Workiz lets you add and manage your inventory items for a more efficient workflow.
You can add, return, stock and quickly search your entire inventory for any part.
Like anything in Workiz, your inventory is cloud based meaning everyone is always updated with the current stock levels

How Its Done?

Workiz’s inventory management is and add-on that opens a new menu section for you to customize.
You can add items, assign categories, brands and even specify a re-order point.
At any point you can view your stock levels by item, category, brand or storage container.
When you add a new item that is Managed, Workiz will subtract it from your stock automatically and notify you if this item is missing.

Add stock and create returns

You can manage the stock levels for each item at any time.
Every time an item is added or returned the stock level are updated across your entire team.
This way nothing is sold without you knowing about it.

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