Client Notifications

Use Workiz to reduce missed appointments and keep your clients in the loop. The more contact points you have with your clients, the more they are assured that help is coming. You can even ask for a friendly confirmation click.
Set An

You can set notifications to be sent by email or SMS, ahead of an appointment to remind clients about upcoming service. In the message, there is a confirmation link for the client to click and confirm the appointment. When a client confirms, the job is marked as confirmed on your dashboard.

Let Clients
Know You’re

You can trigger client notifications with status changes. This means you can send out a notice to your client when a tech has been dispatched. Remember a client stressed for service might need reassurance that help is coming!

Customize Your
Message With

You can easily compose your message with dynamic job information using shortcodes. When your message is sent out, the shortcodes are replaced with actual names and values from the job

Get More Feedback

How about sending a review or survey link to your clients when a job is done? This allows you to get more feedback and gain repeat business.

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