Simple Scheduling For Service Appointments

Workiz lets you schedule service in seconds with all the relevant information for completing the job. You can customize the job form to validate only the information that matters to you, add custom fields, set a time frame and much more.

Custom Validation Options

Get only what you need.
Workiz lets you change the settings and decide what information is most relevant for you to complete that job.
Having issues with missing information by your team? Add validations to make sure they submit the right information.

Service scheduling field validations

Quick Address Search

Stop sending techs to the wrong house! Use our address search bar to find a verified map address. Once you select, all the other fields will be auto-filled for you. Workiz will even notice if you are working in multiple service locations and assign the right one.

Service scheduling address search

Different time zones? No problem!

For a business that work across several time zones, Workiz will auto calculate the time difference and make sure that you dispatch your jobs on time.
Notice that jobs on your schedule have a notice for the clients actual local time.

Time zone scheduling multiple areas

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Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling