Time Tracking

Let your employees clock in and out of jobs and timesheets. Get info on how employees spend their time and optimize their workflows.


Job statuses are a great tool for finding jobs according to their current stage. Workiz allows you to divide your schedule and see what’s waiting for action, what’s in progress and what’s’ pending. This allows for more efficient management of tasks.


Make more money and track your leads with Workiz. Not every contact turns into a paying client and we want to help you change that. Workiz lets you enter leads with little to no information and track it separately from your job schedule. Stop estimates and job opportunities from falling through the cracks, and increase your conversions.


Does your business provide service across a few different metro areas or different states? Are you are managing multiple franchises? Workiz is built to service multiple service locations with our dispatch software. Jobs can be assigned to metro areas automatically according to distance from job locations. You can then get reports by metro areas and even restrict team members to their service location.


Our custom notification tool allows you to stay updated while away. You can simply add the parameters you care about and start receiving notifications by SMS or Email for Any Scenario.


Plan ahead and optimize your team’s travel time with a map overview of your work. Workiz’s map view lets you browse your timeline and see your job locations on any device.


As your business grows, it’s harder to keep track of what’s due. Workiz lets you stay on top of what’s owed and your payment history.


Make sure you have a clear picture of your inventory from any location, on any device. Not having the right job can be expensive and result in lost jobs. Workiz makes inventory planning, ordering and management easy.

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