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For Service Companies

A chatbot is an interactive form that works much better than any static form. It will help you get an average of 30% more jobs from your website visitors. After every chat, you’ll receive a chat summary to your email, with the customer’s details so you can follow up.


Configure Your Chatbot

Just fill out a few quick details, so your chatbot knows what to say to your customers.

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Preview Your Chatbot


Preview Your Chatbot

Want to change something? Just go back to step 1 and tweak your text til it’s just right. When you’re satisfied, move on to step 3.


Get Your Chatbot Code

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Your Chatbot is All Ready!

All that’s left to do is copy and paste this code right before the closing </body> tag of every page on your site where you’d like your chatbot to appear.

(Not sure how to do this? Send it to your web developer. That’s what they’re for, right? 😉 )


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Free Chatbot Code