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Cloud-Based Scheduling, Invoicing and Client Management for Chimney & Masonry Professionals

Managing your upcoming chimney & masonry jobs, and having an organized system for scheduling can be very time-consuming for your business. Wouldn’t you love a system where you can schedule jobs, and update workers on up-coming jobs. Create custom alerts that notify your builders when something comes up.

Send-a-Job offers a white label application making your masonry business a breeze to manage. Any business, no matter the size, can save time and resources by utilizing the proper field management software. Create jobs, estimates, and process payments with our system. All within one easy-to-use interface.

No Contract, No hidden Fees, No Setup Cost, No Need To Download And Install, See Pricing.

Easy to Use

Workiz was built to make dispatching easy. Adding jobs, assigning technicians, and updating the scheduling couldn’t be easier!

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Get an instant snapshot of how your chimney & masonry business is performing with our mobile dashboard, and have access to your most important info anytime, anywhere.

Full Support & Training

Not sure how to start? It’s easy. We’re ready to help you get started with free training & setup. Schedule a demo or view our support section for more details.


Simple to use & customizable interface. Create custom reports, add custom fields, or create new tags for chimney & masonry jobs. Workiz allows you complete control of your workflow.

Real-time Information

Stay on top of your chimney & masonry business with real-time information. Track & manage job statuses, customer notes, payments, invoices, everything done in real-time.

Notifications & Alerts

Easy to build custom alerts for different technicians, dispatchers, managers, or clients. Create notifications sent to the manager every time Technician A cancels a chimney & masonry job.

Organize & Grow Your Chimney & Masonry Business!

“Adding new Chimney & Masonry Jobs takes just seconds! Do more in less time.”

Start saving time! Create new clients in just seconds. Add new chimney & masonry jobs & assign workers from anywhere. When managing your chimney & masonry business, Workiz does the heavy lifting. You can now track & manage your jobs from start to finish. From scheduling chimney & masonry jobs, to managing invoices & taking payment, Workiz is there for you!

Dashboard with Overview

Send-a-Job makes it easy for you to monitor and keep track of your clients, masonry workers, and projects. Once you log in, you’ll have access to a list of number of jobs submitted, in-progress, done, and cancelled.

Easily be able to view gross sales and net profit reports along with charts. Client information in regards to balances, and view jobs past due. Jobs in the queue, upcoming masonry projects, and much more. Be able to monitor new jobs, complete jobs, linking directly to the jobs in the system from this friendly dashboard.

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chimney & masonry service management

chimney & masonry job scheduling field service management software

Drag-and-Drop Calendar

Workiz’s makes schedule changes possible without leaving the schedule page! You can re-schedule your week in seconds using the drag-and-drop feature. Start dragging unassigned jobs to an unscheduled or “free” masonry worker with Workiz. You can view your schedule by month, week, day or employee timeline and plan your week in seconds. The Workiz interface also allows you to customize and assign colors for certain workers or metro areas. Take your scheduling to the next level with Workiz.

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Job Statuses

Start tracking your jobs based on status. The chimney & masonry team can indicate at what stage the job is in seconds by simply changing the status drop down. This can save hours of back and forth communication between workers and dispatcher. A chimney & masonry worker or dispatcher can update the status and within seconds your entire team is up-to-date on the availability.

No need to clutter up your schedule with jobs that are waiting for parts or response. With a quick view, your office users can see how jobs are divided and know how long have they been in this status. You can also view jobs by status to quickly see what jobs are “Waiting on Parts”, or any other status.

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chimney & masonry service management

chimney & masonry service invoicing software tool

Invoicing & Online Payments

Stop Wasting Paper! Workiz allows you to invoice your clients from the cloud. Design a unique invoice and any other form you need with your own branding and logo, collect signatures with your mobile device from anywhere and email as needed. It’s all documented for your records.

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