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Junk Removal pros who use Workiz increase their revenue by 22%

Workiz Field Service Software

Get Everything You Need to Run Your Junk Removal Business

Scheduling Made Simple
Easily understand your business schedule with our color-coded Drag-and-Drop calendar.
  • When you know your tech availability you’ll:
  • Never miss an appointment
  • Improve your response time
  • Make more money
Manage your Junk Removal Business by Service Areas
You can easily manage the geographic areas of your service locations by distance from a zip code or by drawing on a map. When adding junk removal jobs, Workiz will figure out what metro area this job is located in, and show only the relevant and available techs.
Get New Jobs While You Sleep with Online Booking

Some customers prefer to book services online. 

With Workiz junk removal business software, you can easily add online booking to your site, Yelp page or Facebook profile.

When a customer schedules a job, it’s automatically added to your live schedule = money in the bank.

Monitor your Techs with Location Tracking

When you’re a junk removal business owner, you want to be able to track your techs and know where they’re at. 

Once your users install our mobile app, for Android or iOS, you’ll easily be able to look at your map view and see their latest location

Send Automatic Customer Notifications

Workiz Junk Removal software automatically notifies clients by text or email to keep your customers updated. 

With Workiz you can send:

  • Appointment confirmation requests
    Your clients can confirm the job just by clicking a link
  • On my way notifications 
    Assure customers that you’re on the way or let them know you’re late
  • Review request
    Workiz lets you collect online customer reviews which will get you more work.

Here’s Why Junk Removal Pros Love Workiz Junk Removal Management Software

"Workiz made our franchise much more profitable and streamlined things... we can actually see for each tech average jobs and average time spent on jobs... obviously it went straight to our bottom line"

Lee Godbold, Owner of JRA and Junk Doctors

Any Questions?

What's a Junk Removal Software?

A junk removal scheduling and dispatch software is a web or mobile app that helps you run your junk removal business more efficiently.
You can use such an app or software from anywhere that has an active internet connection to check your junk removal leads, schedule and dispatch jobs, view your client’s history and create junk removal invoices. Basically, everything that you used to write down on paper or keep in a spreadsheet can now be more efficiently managed in junk removal scheduling and dispatch software.

How Can a Junk Removal Scheduling Software Improve My Bottom Line?

Very simple,

  • You will miss fewer appointments
  • You will know what clients owe you
  • You will have a clear history of all junk removal services performed
  • You will see where your team members are on a live map
  • You could follow up on leads
  • You could improve your response time

You stand to make more profit!

What if I'm having trouble adjusting to the app?

We’ve designed Workiz junk removal business software to be the most simple field service software available. But, just in case you or your team are having any difficulties with, we are always here to help.
Support is always available via:


How do I get paid with Workiz?

The same way as you always did with a few additions.
When you receive cash or checks from a client you can easily add the payment to Workiz junk removal invoicing software.

You can now charge your client’s credit card using WorkizPay, our in-house payment processor. You can also send your clients a secure link that shows them their balance due and allows them to submit an online payment in seconds.

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