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We make it easy for you to schedule, invoice and manage your junk removal business.

Use a junk removal scheduling software that truly relieves stress and increases sales.

Grow Your Junk Removal Business with Workiz!

Managing all of your Junk Removal jobs, invoices, and estimates can be a hassle! Put a stop to your frustration with our Junk Removal management software that’s built for businesses just like yours!

Contact Management

Everything you need to know about your clients (contact information, emails sent and service history) is available to you 24/7, from any device.

Create a Connected Team

Your team is in constant contact with you and your office. Automated notifications ensure that they arrive on time and that your clients remember their service appointments.

Service History

All of your appointments and job history are logged from the moment the client calls to make the appointment to the moment your tech updates the job as done!

Easy To Get Paid

Don’t wait for a check in the mail, simply send a link and that’s it.

Invoice finalized!

Mobile - Just Like You

Your junk removal business is always on the move, so is Workiz. Use it on the go and always stay connected to your employees, customers and leads.

Never Miss Out

All your upcoming pickups and invoices are neatly organized in one easy to use app, available on the go, and from any device.

Easy Schedule Management

Workiz’s main calendar gives you 3 main dashboard views (daily breakdown, weekly, and monthly) to efficiently manage your workflow. Workiz is packed with features to save you time when it comes to scheduling jobs. In just seconds you’ll be able to see what technicians are scheduled for jobs.

Easily filter jobs by status, and by metro area. With Workiz’s junk removal software, drag-and-drop to instantly make changes to your schedule. Customize the jobs with different colors for different junk removal  crews.

Collect the Right Information

With Workiz, you’ll be able to add extra information (or custom fields) to new jobs. Now you’ll know how many people are needed for the job, and what parts or supplies you’ll also need for the job. Ensure you have the right number of junk removal workers needed for the job, or any special notes listed for hazardous waste materials. You have complete control over the details you’d like  to track for your junk removal crew.

All Your Clients, in Your Pocket

Workiz makes it easy to manage all of your client information within one system. Workiz is perfect to keep your clients up-to-date on their junk removal services.

Create custom SMS and/or email notifications for your clients’ scheduled work. Send email confirmations to clients, and when confirmed it automatically updates the status in Workiz, as well as when the job is complete. Have records of past invoices, phone calls, and much, much more.

All this goes a long way to impress your clients with a professional junk removal service management tool.

Get Paid Faster

Workiz allows you to invoice your clients using any device. Design a unique invoice and any other forms you need with your own branding and logo, collect signatures with your mobile device from anywhere and email as needed. It’s all documented for your records. Look no further when searching for the ultimate junk removal scheduling and dispatching software.

Any Questions?

What's a Junk Removal Software?

A junk removal scheduling software is a web or mobile app that helps you run your service business more efficiently.

You can you use such an app or software from anywhere that has an active internet connection to check your leads, schedule, view your client’s history and create invoices.

Basically, everything that you used to write down on paper or keep in a spreadsheet can now be more efficiently managed in junk removal scheduling software.

What if I'm having trouble adjusting to the app?

We’ve designed Workiz to be the most simple field service software available but just in case you or your team are having any difficulties, we are always here to help.
Support is always available via:

How Can a Junk Removal Software Help My Bottom Line?

Very simple,

  • If you miss fewer appointments
  • Always knew what clients owe you
  • Have a clear history of all junk removal services done
  • See where your team members are on a live map
  • Follow up on leads

The odds are you stand to make more profit!

How do I get paid with Workiz?

The same way as you always did with a few additions. When you receive a cash or check payment from a client you can easily add the payment to Workiz.

You can now charge your client’s credit card using the web and mobile app. You can also send your clients a secure link that shows them their balance due and allows them to submit a payment in seconds.

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