Over 50 Funny HVAC Memes and Air conditioning Memes that Will Leave You in Tears

At Workiz we know that HVAC work is hard. The day’s are long and sometimes the customers aren’t worth the pay-check.

That’s why, you gotta look at the funny side of things. We’ve scoured the internet for 50 of the “pee your pants” funniest ac memes, hvac memes and heating jokes. 

Be prepared to change your Dickies….cuz it’s about to get funny.

1: Never Saw a Realer HVAC Meme

Don’t you just feel things when you see this HVAC meme? Bc I do. Oh wait, probably indigestion. 

2: Not Another Air Conditioning Meme

This air conditioning meme be like fo reals….

3: One of the oldest heating jokes in the book

Funny HVAC story for you….

Cue the middle-aged soccer mom wearing a Coach bag and driving a brand new SUV.

Ok “Karen” whatever you say. 

4: You'll Never See Just a Cat After This

One of the funny hvac memes, or reality? Swear you’ll never see a grey cat again and think about a grey cat again. Bazinga.

5: Ok, dude

Ah, An air conditioning meme at its finest. I met him. Name’s George. Says he does HVAC on the side. I nod and smile and collect the check. George doesn’t know squat about squat.

6: "You're a Liar," I screamed...

But only in my mind…. (There are no realer heating jokes than this, friends.)

7: Doesn't Want to Pay for AC

Air conditioning meme or reality? I’ll let you decide.

8: Same Story, New Day

“This is the song that never enddssssss…..Yes it goes on and on my frieeennddd”

9: The Lengths customers go to just to save coin

Ah, ac memes at their finest. 

10: My Face Talking to the Customer

Funny HVAC meme or real life? Oh right…this is me at every job.

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11: Not Today Satan, Not Today

When you walk into a hoarder house.

12: That's What she Said

Ah, heating jokes. They never get old.

13: Um, No Karen

This air conditioning meme got me feelin’ some kinda way….

14: When the Customer Sees the Bill

Never saw a realer HVAC meme.

15. Hold My Beer

I’m going down…

16. Never gets old

Cats + funny HVAC memes = great success!

17. Isn't that right Karen?

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18. Please. Stop.

No I take that back. Do go on. I need more material for my next hvac meme, air conditioning meme or one of my next heating jokes.

19. AC Done Right

You just might need an HVAC tech if your air conditioner is the stuff of AC memes.

20. A.K.A. Heating Jokes That Win the Internet

Dwight Schrute for the win.

21. I can see it now

Potential clients “doing the math.”

22. Hey we all been there

You don’t work in HVAC if this never happened to you.

23. HVAC Apprentices have no respect

“This is not an HVAC meme. This is reality. HVAC apprentices today have no respect…..”

-Said every old timer 


24. Literally every client in the summertime

Sorry Karen…It is now 5:01 p.m. which means I get to go home. Guess you’re just gonna have to wait til tomorrow. (This air conditioning meme is literally every customer in summer, am I right?)

25. Reality

Literally every HVAC employee ever. 

26. I don't know

Heating jokes are no joke son…

27.Not happenin....


28. Insert Gene Wilder Meme

Would this really be a thread of funny HVAC memes if it did not include a Gene Wilder meme? No. No it would not be.

29. It Just Got lit

Up in here…

It’s history, it’s an air conditioning meme. It’s lit.

29. Ya. No.

Probably a dood from Craiglist. (Sigh, this HVAC meme really gets me riled up.)

30. Do you know

if you can’t answer the question, do you really do HVAC, or are you just here for the air conditioning memes and funny hvac memes, bruh?

31. No touchie

I’m gonna need a cigarette. Or a valium.

32. We all seen this face

Raise your hand if you’ve been here.

33. Ba Dum Dum Ching!

What HVAC tech doesn’t love some good heating jokes, eh? Eh? Eh?

34. This. This. This.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve said this. 1000? Nay, a million?

35. Says Every Apprentice

Sure, buddy. (This HVAC meme is too real.)

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They also close 43% more customers.

36. I mean

Good for the customer but not for my wallet.

37. So true

Never saw a realer HVAC meme.

38. Don't get me started

How many times have I heard this? Far, far too many.

39. Please. Stop. Talking.

And the award for the most annoying customer goes to….

40. I'm Rippin This Off Bruh'

This isn’t one of those funny HVAC memes, this is just smart.

41. That's How I know

Because I’m a professional…This isn’t a funny hvac meme. This is reality.

42. My Anxiety Levels

Justtttt skyrocketed.

43. Good Lawd

Thinking of a happy place. Thinking of a happy place. THINKING OF A HAPPY PLACE. (AKA, heating jokes gone wrong.)

44. I Don't Want to Say It's Hot

But it is….

45. Was that my pacemaker?

Brb, having a heart attack from this soulless HVAC meme.

46. Dang Apprentices

Making fun of HVAC apprentices never gets old (sorry but that’s funny HVAC material.)

47. Sometimes it just do be like that

Hey we’ve all been there.

48. Not All heroes Wear capes

They just wear HVAC uniforms (air conditioning meme of the year.)

49. Better Call the HVAC Tech

Or you could end up in one of these air conditioning memes, friend! 

50. Funny HVAC Meme

But…there’s a cat in it!

51. Tee hee hee

Tee hee. Tee hee.

Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

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