Add a Chatbot to Your Website to Get More Jobs

Easily install the Workiz Service Chatbot on your website and allow clients to schedule jobs without ever talking to you.

You’ll be getting new jobs even while you sleep!

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Build a Chatbot In 3 Minutes
  • Tell us about your service business
  • Choose your chatbot welcome text and color
  • Add the services your business offers
  • Add it to your website and start getting more jobs
Grow your audience and get more jobs booked

Let’s face it, some clients just don’t want to call you and prefer self-service.

In a recent survey conducted by Workiz, 44% of consumers said they prefer to book a field service online, rather than via phone.

They want to book a service appointment without talking to anyone, just like they order a pizza, an Uber, or deliveries.

Actively Message With Your Site Visitors

Greet every visitor that enters your site and create a personal connection right from the start. 

This will make your business look professional and trustworthy.


Is it easy to add to my website?

Extremely easy! Just answer a few questions, choose the design you like and we will take care of everything else.

How do I add the chatbot to my site?

Will send you a piece of text, send it to the person who helped you build your site and ask him to copy-paste it to the right place. He will know what to do! 

Can I chat with site visitors?

Yes, visitors can either schedule service automatically with the service chatbot or simply ask you an open question. You will be notified on your app and be able to respond on the spot.

Come for the Chatbot - Stay For Everything Else!

Workiz is a field service management software. It helps service businesses:

  • Easily schedule jobs with a drag and drop calendar
  • Take payments in the field and track invoices
  • Communicate with your field techs with the Workiz mobile app
  • Record, manage and track client calls with Workiz’s phone system
Add a Chatbot to Your Website and Get More Jobs!