Auto leads

Auto leads allow you to automatically create leads from lead sources you know. Workiz will parse the Email or text message you receive and create a new lead. First, enable your Leads Add-ons. 1. Click the Settings Cogwheel, located in the top, right-hand corner. 2. Select Add-ons. 3. From the Add-ons page, turn the Leads toggle […]

Blocking users for assigned jobs

Workiz includes all the restrictions you need for managing your team’s access level. One commonly used restriction for field teams is the Assigned jobs restriction. What this essentially means is that users with this restriction will only be able to view jobs and messages that were assigned to them and […]

Managing your item numbers

You can change the default item numbers for your Jobs Leads Invoices Estimates How to change the next number? 1. Click the top right settings icon and then settings from the drop-down menu   2. Click the Numbering tab. 3. Here you can see the next numbers for all your […]

Assigning field techs to metro areas

With Workiz, you can make sure that you only assign field techs that can actually service the area where the job is located. Note: This article is meant for accounts that use Metro areas 1. Go to your team section from the left menu. 2. Edit one of your team members […]

When to use metro areas

Metro areas are a great option for gaining more insight and order across your service business. Not all service providers need it though. Here’s a   few questions you should ask yourself before setting up Metro Areas in Workiz: Do you work in more than one city (Example: San Diego & Orange County)? Do you have […]

Using your custom fields

Your job's custom fields can be used throughout your Workiz account and your work-flow. Custom field values can be used in your templates, notifications, outgoing job SMS and custom reports. In custom reports When creating a custom report you can add columns for your custom fields. Go to Reports from [...]

Mailchimp integration

Workiz lets you integrate your account with Mailchimp. Mailchimp is an industry leader in marketing automation and with Workiz you can automatically add new client's emails to your Mailchimp lists. Setting Up 1.First make sure that you have a Mailchimp account. If  you don't have one, you can sign up [...]

Location tracking

Workiz allows you to track your team's location and dispatch jobs more efficiently. Location tracking can be done via the Mobile app  or using Workiz on a mobile device. Note: You can only track pro users (with log in). Turn on location tracking for a user Go to your "team" section [...]

Resetting Your Password

If you've forgotten your Workiz password you can reset it at any time. Resetting Your Password From Login Page 1.Click "Lost Password" 2.Enter your user's Email and username. 3.Click "Send New Password" A new temporary password will be generated and sent to your Email address. Using that password you can [...]

How to i add a new field tech

Field techs in Workiz are users that you can assign jobs to. To add a new field tech, add a new user under “Team“. And make sure you select “Yes” under “field tech”   Now you can assign and message any job to this tech.