Job statuses

Workiz manages your jobs using job statuses. A job can can be assigned to any status in order to indicate what stage the job is in right now. Job statuses: 1.Submitted – The job is scheduled and is waiting for actions, usually for a tech to be assigned and dispatched. […]

Assigning a tech

After you’ve submitted a job the next common step is to assign it and send a service tech. If you are not already on your job page open a job by clicking the job id from your schedule or from any other report. Next you can select a tech from […]

Adding a job

Adding a job or scheduling a job is the most basic and commonly used action in Workiz. You can add a job from a few different locations: 1. The “Add New” tab in the navigation menu. 2.Create a job from a client view in the clients section. This would auto […]

Client auto search

Every time you add a new job Workiz will run a search for a matching client or job. This will help notify you if you already preformed service for this person or at this address. Search in made every time you enter a: Phone number Client name Company name Address If […]

Adding clients

Workiz keeps track of your clients for you. Every time you add a new job the application creates a new client for you (unless assigned to an existing one). The clients can be searched or accessed by navigating to “Clients” from the left navigation. To add a new client regardless of a job […]

Job Statistics Report

The statistics report allows you to get key information about your business’s performance and drill down into important figures. Navigate to Reports > Statistics Report. The report filters On top you can narrow or expand your data by: Metro area – Select a metro area to view data for that […]

job types

To add a new job type simply click on the setting icon on the top right corner go to Settings > Job Types > click on the “Add new” button on the top right and fill in the new job type. You can also add a new job type from […]

Metro areas

Metro areas are great for managing multiple service areas with different teams and different resources. Do I need metro areas? Assigning field techs to metro areas Adding a metro area 1. Make sure to enable the Metro Areas add-on in on your account by clicking the top Settings icon and then Add-ons. […]


The calendar is always available on your dashboard. To switch to the calendar view, click on the calendar icon in any status selected. The default view for your calendar is the monthly view. You can see how many jobs you have in this status for any day of the month. […]