user roles and permissions

Workiz allows you to set custom roles that will decide what each user can see or do. Any user can be assigned to any role and by that restricting the actions they can perform in the application. The roles can be assigned to any user by editing the user. When […]

How to Add A New User to Your Team in Workiz

Adding A New User to Your Team in Workiz   1. Login to your Workiz account. 2. From the side navigation bar, click Team. 3. From the Team Members page, click the Add New button. 4. Please enter the User Details in the popup. a. Select the User Type (default is “pro”): i.  Pro User – Can […]

Searching for a payment

You can search for a payment in a few different ways. 1.The quick search tool located above the top navigation can search by an approval / check number. 2.Use the payments report to find a payment by a time range, type of payment and search for an amount. 3.Use the […]

Searching for a job

There are several ways to search for jobs in Workiz: Using the quick search tool This is done by clicking the magnifying glass icon located above your main navigation. You can enter any phrase here and click “Find Job”. You can search by: Job ID, Name, Company, Invoice number, payment […]

The dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your business and numbers. You can view your jobs by status and get a quick look at due invoices from clients or pending estimates. Dashboard areas. The dashboard is divided into information widgets: Today’s Jobs The jobs widgets show you how many jobs […]