Sending an estimate

To send an estimate simply open the estimate from the estimate tab on your left navigation or from any job page with an estimate. Click on the “Action” button on the top right corner and select “Send” review the client information and select your sending method by clicking the “Send […]

Estimate a job

Estimates can be easily added to any job. Workiz allows you to add as many estimates as needed and select one estimate to be synced with the job. To add an estimate open any job by clicking the job ID from the dashboard or any other report. Navigate to the […]

Invoice a job

To invoice a job, open a job by clicking the job id from your schedule or from any other report. In the job page, navigate to the finance tab. To create an invoice for this job click the “Create Invoice” button. If an invoice was already generated for this job […]

Calendar sync

Workiz lets you sync your schedule to third party calendars that work with the Ical format. This includes services like Google calendar and Ical for mac and iPhone. Sync limitations Workizs schedule only syncs one way. This means that you can see your jobs, leads and tasks on your third […]

How do i keep users from logging in from home

How to restrict your users from logging in outside the office 1.From your menu go to Team 2.Edit the user you wish to block by click the Edit Icon 3.In the user’s page, under the “Allowed IP addresses” section click Add IP address 4.Type in the IP address of your office. […]

How do I close jobs once they are done?

How do I close jobs once they are done? To mark a job as completed, simply edit the job by clicking the job Id or by double clicking the job in your schedule. Once in the job page simply move the status to the Done status. Now this job will be […]

How can forward my incoming messages

How to forward SMS messages from Workiz to your phone 1.From your left menu go to Settings 2.In settings go to SMS settings 3.Scroll to the bottom and find a field labeled “Forward incoming messages” 4.Enter the phone number you wish to forward the SMS to. 5.Click the plus icon […]

Custom Fields

In Workiz, you can add fields to your jobs and leads in order to collect the information you need. Your Workiz jobs already have fields like Customer name, phone, location etc. If you need more information that's more relevant to your business, custom fields are perfect! Adding a field 1. [...]

Syncing Invoices To QuickBooks Online

How to Sync Invoices to QuickBooks Online?   To sync an invoice to QuickBooks you need to mark it as ready to sync and during the next time your sync to QuickBooks Workiz will send the invoice to QuickBooks. Syncing an invoice can be done in three ways. 1. From […]