Creating An Invoice

An invoice from a job In any one of your jobs, you can click the “Finance” tab and there from the top right click “Create Invoice” A new invoice linked to this job and client will be created and all the job items will be copied over. Create a single […]

Client notifications

Client notifications are a great way to engage your clients and confirm upcoming appointments. You can notify a client of upcoming appointments by time or status. To manage or create client notifications navigate to: Administration -> Notifications Next click the client notifications tab. Creating a new notification Click the “Create […]

Job Tags

Job tags are another great way to¬†organize your workflow. You can create any tag you need and assign it to any job and even filter your results by tags later in your dashboard. To assign a tag open an existing job (a job that has already been submitted). From the […]

How can companies send me jobs?

You can get incoming job referrals right into your Workiz account so you can easily add jobs from a message. There are a few ways this can be done: By SMS You can share your Workiz SMS number with your referral companies and request that they send jobs/ leads to […]

Do you charge for credit card payments?

No, we only provide communication between you account and your credit card gateway. The rates and fees charged by your merchant provider and gateway provider are separate and should be discussed with the providers. Workiz does not charge for those transactions.

Why can’t I see my technicians in the job

There could be a few reasons for that. 1.Edit the technicians user and make sure the Is technician option is marked YES. 2.Make sure this user is enabled. 3.In this user’s edit screen scroll down and see that the metro area for this job is checked on. Users need to […]

What is the Twilio SMS blacklist error ?

If you are using Workiz with Twilio as you SMS provider you might have come across an error saying that your SMS message is violating the blacklist rule. No need to worry, there is an easy fix for this. Simply have the person / tech you are messaging to send […]

Who can see my jobs?

Only you and the users you grant access to your account can see your jobs, clients and information. Workiz’s support team can access your account with your permission when requesting support. Read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Why am i not seeing the map?

Workiz is made to be as cross platform as possible, we try to adjust and fit the application to most browsers and mobile devices. There are some known issues when using the application from Internet Explorer such as missing fonts and issues with the maps. We recommend that you to […]