Sending Bulk Commission Reports

With Workiz you can send the commission reports to multiple technicians or external companies. To send a bulk commission report navigate to Reports > Commissions On the top left selector, select “Tech Report” or “External Company” Select the report time frame on the time selector and click on the “Send […]

Job Report Fields

The job report and the finance report allow you to show or hide fields on the fly. To make changes to your report fields click “Fields” button. The field management section will slide open and allow you to edit the visible fields. Simply check on or off to show or […]

How to find my IP?

To find your IP address for user settings simply go to and search “What is my IP” the search results will list your current IP address.

What is a log in user?

What is the difference between logged in users to not logged in users? When you enable the log in option in the user settings for a specific user. You are allowing him to log in to your account, what he can or can not do realy depends on the role […]

Managing clients

Workiz allows you to manage your clients from the clients page. You can view due payments, client details, properties and jobs. Click the clients option from the left navigation to manage clients. Clients are added to your account from any new job you submit, you can also add new clients […]

Payments Report

The payments report is a tool to view and manage all collected payments. The job report can be accessed by navigating to: Reports > Payments With the payment report you can search for a payment by amount or by approval number and get payments information. Use the time selector or […]

Setting user finance time preference

When setting up finance and commission rules for technicians or external companies you might want to add special rules by the job time and date. Most service business like to reward employees a little more for jobs done after hours. You can set your time preferences from the user settings […]

Setting up Email reply and company name

Workiz allows you to send out Email communications in a few ways: When sending out a finance report. When sending an invoice to a client. When sending a job via Email. When an Email gets sent out we pass along two values to identify your company. Company name – as […]

overriding commissions

Workiz allows you to automatically set up shares and commissions to your technicians and sub-contractors as well as for external companies providing you job leads. For more about setting up commission finance rules read: Technician finance and commissions External companies commissions In some cases you might want to override these […]

Job history

The job history tab contains information necessary for tracking the path of a job. To get to the job history section edit any job by clicking the job ID link from the dashboard or any other report and then click the job history tab. The history tab contains: 1.Job history […]