Dashboard settings

The dashboard is the heart of Workiz, it shows all of the jobs you have by statuses and whats coming up. Every line shows jobs and the related information for a better overview. For more about the dashboard read The dashboard The dashboard can be customized to look and function […]

Clock in and out

Your users can clock in and out to mark their shifts and hours. You can later pull this information by checking the Hours report. To clock in or out click the clock icon located above the navigation on the left. A window will pop up prompting you to “punch in […]

External / referral companies

Some field service business receive job leads and referrals from other companies for a fee or commission of sales and would like to keep track of those leads. To manage your external companies navigate to: Administration -> Job Settings -> External Companies Here you can add a new company or […]

Searching for a message

The messaging center allows you to search conversations for any word or phrase. In the messaging center use the search box from the top left. Enter any phrase and click the magnifying glass icon to run a search. The contact list on the left will now show the relevant contacts […]

Job closing via SMS

If you prefer not to grant your techs access to Workiz to view their job ( You can enable them to log in with special permissions) you can still save time and let them submit closing details for you to review and approve later. To do this navigate to My […]

Job confirmation by SMS

Workiz allows your techs to confirm that they received their assigned jobs. When you Workiz from the job page a confirmation link is included within the message along with the job details. When your tech clicks this link the job will be marked confirmed on the dashboard and in the job […]

Sending a job

To Workiz to your tech edit any job by click the job id link from your dashboard or any other report. Make sue you have a tech assigned to this job. Click the “Send Job” button. Select a delivery method: SMS, Email or Both. An the job is sent. Jobs […]

Sub Contractor Balances Report

The balances report is a tool to track and manage balances between you and your sub contractors or external companies. The balances report can be accessed by navigating to: Reports > Balances Note: To track and manage sub contractor balances you must turn on the commissions management add-on, set up […]

Client balances and due payments

Client balances and due payment can be quickly located and managed with Workiz. How are due balances created? When you add a total to a job or add items for an invoice you are creating a due balance for this job & client. Any payments added for this job will deduct from the […]

Credit card payments

Workiz allows you to charge credit card payment from the job page using a payment gateway. For now we offer integration with Authorize.net, Virtual Merchant and Stripe Read more about this integration in setting up authorize.net So for the purpose of this article we’ll assume that you already have a […]