How to Select Your Workiz Phone Number

If you haven’t selected your Workiz phone number then it’s time that you did! Every Workiz customer gets one Workiz number included with their Workiz account FOR FREE! So if you haven’t picked your Workiz number yet, it’s time to get started. Start making and receiving calls with your Workiz […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Workiz Softphone

Interested in using the Workiz softphone? Yay! You can answer any questions you might have right here, before getting started. 1-What is the Workiz softphone? The Workiz softphone lets you call existing and prospective clients, and your employees from right inside your Workiz app. 2-Why does my service business need […]

How to Set Up Your Business Hours in Workiz

It’s easy to setup your business hours in Workiz! Set up your business hours on a company-level, and let your customers know your hours of operation. The hours that you set will be used system-wide, and viewable in your online booking widget and more. To set up your business hours […]

How to Add Time Off in Workiz

Employee has the day off? Or maybe the whole office does? No problem. Workiz makes it easy to add the relevant time off to your company schedule. How to Add Time Off in Workiz: Log into your Workiz account. From the left-hand navigation bar, click Schedule. From the top right-hand […]

How to Use Schedule Settings in Workiz

Using the schedule settings is an easy-way to define your business hours at a system-level, and customize your schedule according to your own business needs, including changing the job preview text which appears on your schedule for each job. Log into your Workiz account. Click the Settings cogwheel at the […]

The All-new Invoice Dashboard

The all-new invoice dashboard is the perfect way to see the status of all of your company invoices and send bulk actions – like sending all of your customers with overdue invoices a bulk reminder to pay. With an all-new look and feel, you’ll be able to stay organized, save […]