Customizing Your Web Form Colors in Workiz

Now, it’s possible to customize the entire color scheme of your online web forms within Workiz. Instead of just a standard white form with a green call to action button, you can customize the colors to suit your website, or company branding. Here’s how to customize your web form colors: […]

How SMS Recharging Works in Workiz

How SMS Recharging Works in Workiz The beauty of Workiz is that it’s not just an online scheduling tool, it’s a complete, multi-channel solution to communicate and manage jobs, customers and your team. This includes full control over business phone conversations and SMSes. Every Workiz plan comes included with its […]

Setting Up Stripe Payments in Workiz

Good news! We’re made setting up Stripe payments in Workiz even easier – with one-click set up. Now, there’s no need to drag your developer into things and go through the hassle of using an API key. We’ve made the process fast, seamless and intuitive. Of course, you can either […]

Setting Up Financial Restrictions for Users

When should I use this feature? Now, you’re able to restrict access to financial data for any user role within Workiz. This is a great option if you have technicians, subcontractors, or any staff that you don’t want to see pricing information within Workiz field service software. Once you’ve restricted […]

How to Create Recurring Jobs in Workiz

When should I use recurring jobs? Recurring jobs are great for field service professionals who perform ongoing work for customers (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) This is especially helpful for professionals working in industries such as: cleaning companies, pool service companies, lawn care companies, carpet cleaning, etc. Now, instead of […]

Managing Items, Products and Services in Workiz

Items, products and services are preconfigured items which can be added to your jobs, invoices and estimates within Workiz. In this how to you will learn how to: Add a New Item, Product or Service to Your Product List in Workiz Add Your Newly Created Item, Product or Service to […]

How to add Files and Images to Jobs

Now you can upload files and images to jobs, estimates and invoices, which you can then send to customers. Just upload the images of files, add a description, and send it off to your customer and you’re good to go. Now you can send customer before and after pictures, waivers […]