Adding a job

Adding a job or scheduling a job is the most basic and commonly used action in Workiz.
You can add a job from a few different locations:

  • 1. The “Add New” tab in the navigation menu.
  • 2.Create a job from a client view in the clients section. This would auto fill all the client’s info.
  • 3.Create a job from the calendar daily agenda in you dash board. This will auto fill the date and time you clicked on.
  • 4.Create a job from an incoming message or job referral. This will auto fill the job info from the message.
    Read more about this in Adding a job from SMS.

When done click submit, the job will now be submitted and show up on your schedule as submitted.
After submitting the job you will notice there are more options and tabs allowing you add more data for this job.
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NOTE: Validations for most fields can be turned on or off so you can input only whats relevant to your business. More this in job validation fields

NOTE: When inputting a clients name, phone , company or address Workiz will run a client auto search And notify you if this is an existing client or if any jobs were done for this address.

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