Adding items

You can add new line items to your jobs, invoices and estimates from your items list or creare new ones on the fly.

Adding an item to a job

1. Open one of your jobs to edit it (From your schedule, reports or search(

2. Navigate to the finance tab
Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (1)3.Click Add item

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (1)


4. A pop-up with apear allowing you to select or create a new item

5.Click in the item name field to see a list of available items. You can start typing to search and narrow down the results.

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (2)

6. Select the item you wish to add.

7. The items default deatils will now become visible. You can modify the details just for this job, invoice or estimate.

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (3)


Enter an item quantity if different than

8. Click Save to add the item.


Your item will be add the line items.
You can alway click this line to make changes to price, quantity etc…
Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (4)

Creating a new item

When adding a new item, if you have a new item that is not in your items list you can create a new one.

Click into the items name field.
Start typing your nexw items name.
If no matching items are found, a button should apear allowing you to create a new item.

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   1KIISK  (5)

Add all the relevant information (Price, cost description) and click Save to add it to your job, invoice or estimate.

Now, if you go to your items list (Under settings -> items and products) You should be able to see your new item.
Workiz   Service and Products (1)


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