Adding payments

You can add payments top any job or invoice that has a balance due.

Add payment to a job

In any job, click the finance tab and scroll down under the job items.
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The due balance is usually filled for you.
If you need to add any other amount, simply enter it.
Next select a payment method.
The options are:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Check
  • Credit Charge (If you’ve set up a payment gateway)

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Notice that for payments that are not cash, you may also enter a reference.
This may be your transaction approval code or check number.
Next hit “Add” and the payment will added against the due balance.

Add payment to an invoice

Under the invoice items, you will see a payment box.
Follow the steps above and add the payment for that invoice

Adding a charge Payment

If you’ve set up a payment gateway with Workiz you can charge credit cards right from the app.
Once you choose to add a payment with the “Credit Charge” type a pop-up will appear.
Next, add the credit card information and submit.
If the transaction went through, the payment will be added and the balance will update.
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