Jobs Report

The job report is a great tool to locate any job and show your jobs by any parameter.

The job report can be accessed by navigating to:

Reports > Jobs


Filters And Options

You can filter and arrange your report by many different dimensions.

  • Job type – Show only jobs with this job type.
  • Job status – Show jobs by a job status.
  • Technician – Show only jobs for this specific technician.
    Note: Each tech that has jobs within the selected time range will have a number next to his name showing the job count.
  • Metro area – Show only jobs from a metro area.
  • External company – Show only  jobs from a specific external company.
    Note:You can choose “External only” to view only jobs that came from external companies.
    Note: Each company that provided jobs within the selected time range will have a number next to its name showing the job count.
  • Ad group – Show only jobs from a specific ad group.
    Note: You can choose “Only my” to show only jobs from your ad groups I.E no external companies.
  • Time range – Choose a time range for your jobs. You can select from the  offered options or enter a custom time range.
  • Report by time – Select a time dimension for the jobs in the report. Show jobs that were Created/Scheduled/Closed within this time range.
  • Export – Export this report to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Fields – Edit the fields for this report. Read more about this in Report fields.
  • Print – Print this report.

Note: A great way to narrow down your report is by using the search field located at the top right of your table.
You can input any part of an address, price, dispatch name or any other field to narrow the results as you are typing.

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