The calendar is always available on your dashboard.

To switch to the calendar view, click on the calendar icon in any status selected.


The default view for your calendar is the monthly view.
You can see how many jobs you have in this status for any day of the month.
Each job box has some details like: Job type, address and time range.
The colors are decided by the metro areas you work in. If a certain day has more then 6 jobs you will see a notice for  ” + 7 more” for any amount of additional jobs you have on that day.



You can navigate a month back or forward by clicking the arrows on the top left and right.

To expand on any day by viewing the daily agenda simply click on the white space in any date.

Here you can see the jobs by their hours and duration throughout the day.
Every job box again includes some information about this job. you can click any job to open the edit job screen and make changes or view more information about it.


To add a new job to any time slot double click that time slot and a new job page will open with that specific appointment time already set for you.

You can always navigate a day forward or backwards using the left and right top arrows or change back to the month view by clicking the “Back To Monthly View” button from the top.


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