How can companies send me jobs?

You can get incoming job referrals right into your Workiz account so you can easily add jobs from a message.

There are a few ways this can be done:


You can share your Workiz SMS number with your referral companies and request that they send jobs/ leads to that number.

System Address

Have your referral companies send jobs to your Workiz address. This address can be found by:
1.Navigating to “My Account”.
2.Click the SMS setting tab.
3.Choose “Cellular gateway”.

Your address should be under the “Reply to” input.
It should be something like: “”

Job Sync

If you are working with another company that uses Workiz to send jobs, you can have them sync jobs with your account.
Simply instruct them to place your Workiz address (mentioned above) in the sync box when editing your user in their account.

Forward from your phone

Like getting the SMS first?
No problem, forward the message from your phone to either your Twilio number or Workiz address and then add the job .

Note: If you want the “External company” field to be auto-filed for you make sure you update your external companies with the number they send jobs from.

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