Client auto search

Every time you add a new job Workiz will run a search for a matching client or job. This will help notify you if you already preformed service for this person or at this address.

Search in made every time you enter a:

  • Phone number
  • Client name
  • Company name
  • Address

If a match is found a pop up will show with the matches found.


You can now choose to assign the client, or view more about his properties and jobs.
NOTE: Assigning the client will attach the client to this job and auto place the clients information (address, name, Email…) in the matching fields.




We can see this client’s locations for jobs and use the relevant one. Or dig deeper and view his jobs.


foundjobHere we see the list of jobs done for this property.
We can see the: Job id (link to the actual job), Date, Job type, Amount paid and the tech who preformed the service. And again we have the option to use the details.

If you assigned a client and later realized it is the wrong one, you can always UN-assign him to create a new one when the job submits.



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