Client balances and due payments

Client balances and due payment can be quickly located and managed with Workiz.

How are due balances created?

When you add a total to a job or add items for an invoice you are creating a due balance for this job & client.

duebalanceAny payments added for this job will deduct from the balance owed.

The Due On field allows you to set a time frame for this due balance to become past due.






When closing the job with a due balance you will be notified if this client has been approved to owe you money.



You can approve or return the job to its previous status and fix the balance.

Viewing balances

To view clients balances navigate to the Clients page from the left navigation.

clientclients are automatically sorted by past due amount, tough you can click on any column header and change that.

Click on any client ID link from the left column to open this client.

Next click on the jobs tabs to view a list of jobs with due balances.



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