Client notifications

Client notifications are a great way to engage your clients and confirm upcoming appointments.
You can notify a client of upcoming appointments by time or status.

To manage or create client notifications navigate to:

Administration -> Notifications

Next click the client notifications tab.

Creating a new notification


Click the “Create notification” button to add a new notification.

1.Notify By – Notify client by Email or SMS.
Notice: SMS notifications will only be sent if Twilio SMS is configured.

2.By – Trigger notification by time before job schedule or by  status change.

3-A.Status – If selected by status then select a status to trigger the notification.

3-B.Time Before Job – When should the notification be sent out? You can select any number and choose hours or days.

4.Subject – If sent by Email this would be the Email subject.

6.Message – The notification context.

When done click the “Save” button located on the top right.

You can always turn notifications on or off by using the switch located on the top right of the dialog box.

Using Short-codes

Your default message contains some short-codes such as {{biz_name}} or {{full_name}} .
Short codes represent dynamic data such as job information, client information or your contact information.

So for example when sending a job notification:

{{biz_name}} would be replaced with your defined business name ,

{{full_name}} would be replaced with the client’s first and last name.

Below the text box you can find more short codes that you can click on and insert to your text.

The Rules

  • Notifications are sent to your client by Email Or SMS.
  • SMS type notifications will only be sent if your account uses Twilio SMS.
  • Notifications can be sent by job status(Submitted, progress…) or by time before the job(1 hour, 2 days before…).
  • Each notification will be sent once per job.
  • Notifications are sent at approximate times.
    For example: A 1 hour before job message for a job scheduled for 2:00PM might be delivered at 1:10PM.

Client Confirmation

When a client clicks on the confirm link the job will be marked confirmed in two locations:

1.On your dashboard with a check icon next to the client name.



2.On the top right of the job page.


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