Credit card payments

Workiz allows you to charge credit card payment from the job page using a payment gateway.
For now we offer integration with, Virtual Merchant and Stripe
Read more about this integration in setting up

So for the purpose of this article we’ll assume that you already have a payment gateway defined and enabled.

From the job page click the finance tab to add payments.


1.Enter a total for the job in the total input.
2.Enter a payment amount.
3.From the payment type drop down select “credit charge” (you should have this option available if you enabled the gateway).
4.Click add payment.

You should see a pop-up box prompting you to enter the credit card details:


NOTE: Billing address details are only required if you set it up through your gateway settings

After filling in all the required information click “Charge card”.
If the payment went through the box should close and a payment will be added with the approval number already in place.

Reasons for payments not going through:

  • Transaction declined – due to insufficient funds or any other reasons not specified by the issuing bank.
  • AVS mismatch – Your gateway was setup to authenticate the address and/or zip code and it did not match.
  • Duplicate transaction – Two identical transactions within 60 seconds will cause the second one to decline. wait 2 minutes and try again.

Refunding or deleting a credit payment

To refund or delete a credit card payment click the trash icon next to the payment.
If this is a credit charge payment the refund box should pop up.


To create a refund you must enter the exact details used for charging this card with the exact amount.
If this payment was already returned through other channels (bank refund or a charge back) click the “Delete without refund”.

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