Custom documents

Workiz allows you to go beyond just the invoice, estimate and work order forms. You can generate custom forms with signature requirements.

Tom manage your custom documents navigate to:

Administration -> Documents  and click the custom tab.


Here you will have a list of your custom documents.
To add a new one click “Add Document”.


A new document page will now open with options very similar to your other document templates (invoice, estimate, work order). You can click and field and import dynamic job and client data.

Document blocks

You will notice that when hovering a block section such as a text block, customer info or items list the block will highlight and an option to remove or add anew block will appear.


This allows you to rearrange your document as you need and add blocks:

Items & totals – A list of a jobs items with pricing, taxes and totals.

Text Area – A free text clock with a title

Client info table –  A table with clients/ job fields that you can choose dynamic value into.

Signature box – A signature required box that you can add after any section that requires a signature.

When done simply click the “Save document” button to save.

From the job page

To use your custom document open any job and click the finance tab.



When clicking the “Custom” button you will have an option to choose from your custom documents.

The document page will open with all the options available from the invoice page like adding payments, items and Emailing to the client.

To add a signature click the “Sign here” button if you added any signature blocks.

Saving a custom document

Custom documents can only be saved as PDF and viewed later as job attachments  in the finance tab.
To attach the document as a PDF click the “Save” button.

Notice: When navigating away from a custom document you will receive a prompt to save your document in order to keep your changes.

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