Custom Fields

In Workiz, you can add fields to your jobs and leads in order to collect the information you need.
Your Workiz jobs already have fields like Customer name, phone, location etc.
If you need more information that’s more relevant to your business, custom fields are perfect!


Adding a field

1. Go to your addons and make sure that the Custom fields addon is enabled.
Workiz   DASHBOARD (1)

2. Go to Settings and then Custom fields

3. Click Add new to create a new field

4. Your new field’s information

  • Field group – you can group fields under different sections
  • Field type
    • Text – A single line text value.
    • Large Text – A multi-line text field for longer descriptions.
    • Number – A field that can only hold numbers. Number fields can be summed in your custom reports.
    • Checkbox – a checkbox for a simple yes or no.
    • Drop down – A drop-down field with your pre-defined options.
    • Date – A date field that opens a date picker when clicked on.
  • Field name – name your new field
  • Required – will the field be required in order to create a job
  • Required to close – will this field be required to close the job
  • Use for client search – when you create a new job and input something into this field, should Workiz search for matching clients and prompt you?

Workiz   Custom Fields

5. Click Save to create your new field.

Your fields list should now show your new field

Workiz   Custom Fields (1)

In your jobs, under job details, you will now see your new fields:

Workiz   CREATE NEW JOB (1)

Watch the tutorial

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