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The dashboard is the heart of Workiz, it shows all of the jobs you have by statuses and whats coming up.
Every line shows jobs and the related information for a better overview.
For more about the dashboard read The dashboard

The dashboard can be customized to look and function the way you prefer.

To make changes to your dashboard:

1. From the top-right of Workiz, click the Settings cogwheel.
2. From the drop-down, click Settings.
3. Under General Settings, select Job List.

The dashboard settings page is divided to status tabs just like your dashboard.

The options are:

  • Default Sort By – How should this table be ordered when you load it up, you can always click on any column to reorder it from the dashboard itself.
  • Open Job Link – Choose if you prefer to open job edit screen in the same browser tab or in a different one.
  • Default Display Records – This is the default setting for how many records you’d like to display in the entries list.


  • You can decide which fields you’d like to display in your dashboard by turning the toggles on or off for the respective fields.
  • Priority toggle – This option is only available on the submitted tab.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 13.14.23

    Priority tags:

For each priority you can set:

  • Time Range – Choose from the default time ranges or add your own custom ones, this will decide what jobs will be labeled with this priority according to the job date and time.
  • Label – What label would the tag have.
  • Color – Click and select a color for this label.
  • Animation Effect – Select an animation effect for the tag (example: bounce effect for jobs due now)
  • Delete – Delete a priority tag
  • Preview Mode – Preview what this tag will look like on your dashboard before going live.

When you’re finished, click update to save all changes.
Move through the status tabs (i.e., Submitted, Progress, Pending, Done Pending Approval,) to set the preferences for each status on your dashboard.




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