Document templates

Workiz lets you customize your service business documents as you need.
You can select a template, edit or design your own invoices and estimates.


Editing Document Templates

To make changes to your templates go to “Settings” and then click “Documents”.
Next, you’ll see a list of your available documents.
Workiz Field service invoices

When you first signed-up for Workiz 3 documents were created automatically.

Work Order

You can add more custom documents if you need any other service forms.

Client any one of your templates to edit it.


The designer

The designer is divided into two main sections:
The document – on the left
Your toolbox on the right.

Withing the designer you may click on any section to edit its content.
If you need any more widgets such as another text box or your logo, you can simply drag them from the right toolbox.

Using pre-made templates

In the toolbox under the “Design”, you’ll find a number of templates relevant to your document.
To use them simply click on one and approve the selection

Document designer templates

After selecting a template you can click on any section to edit it.

Formatting my text

You can make edits to your text and its formatting.
When you place the mouse cursor in a text box, a toolbar with formatting options such as color, font size, and alignment will appear.
You can use those option to control the way the text is formatted.


Using Short-codes

When you are using your document, you’ll probably want to use the client/ job/ invoice values.
This is where “Shortcodes” come in.
Whenever you click inside a text box a toolbar will appear on top.

Withing the toolbar you can click the “Insert values” button to see a list of available shortcodes.Workiz invoice shortcodes


Click on any value to insert a shortcode.
Remember: Shortcodes are swapped in your actual invoice or estimate.
so”{{client.clientFullName}}” is actually replaced with “Jhon Doe” or whatever the client’s name is.


The item list

The item list can be positioned anywhere on your document and will include the list of items that were Invoice/ Job/ Estimate.
The items list has few styles that can be applied to it.
Click the “brush” icon on the bottom right to try out a few different looks.


Email Options

On top, you may define your email options.


These are the default Email subject and message sent with your document.
You can change them here and within the invoice/ estimate itself later on.
You may also use your shortcodes here to make the message more personal.

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