External company commissions and finance

Workiz allows you to automatically assign external company commissions and finance settings when jobs are closed.

To define those settings navigate to:
Administration -> Job Settings -> External Companies

Click on the pencil icon next to any company to edit it.

Company finance rules are very similar to technician finance rules

only that they are given to an external company.

Company fees

This are the fees given to the external company for certain payment types.


  • Credit Fee – Fees deducted for payments in credit.
  • Check fee – Fees deducted for payments with checks.
  • Cash fee – Fees deducted for payments in cash.
  • Additional fee – Fess deducted from any job, check the “deduct from total” to deduct from the total amount.

Company base rate

This is the commission rate that the company makes from the job’s total. You can use the slider or type in a number. You can also switch the percentage / dollar switch to set a rate by a percentage of total or a set dollar amount.


My company fees

If your company charges any fees from the job for payment processing or checks this is the place to define those.


Special rates

You can set special exception rules for certain jobs, remember you are changing the rate that the company charges from you.

  • Rates by schedule – You can set rules for any time of the day or week. Add a new rule and define a rate for jobs scheduled within a certain time. Read how to set those up in setting up the time shifts
  • Rates by job type – Set a special rate only for a specific job type. Some sub contractors might require a different commission for job types that take more time or resources.
  • Rates by amount – Set a rate for jobs that sell for a higher or lower total.


NOTE: Don’t forget to click update to save your finance settings for each company.


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