External / referral companies

Some field service business receive job leads and referrals from other companies for a fee or commission of sales and would like to keep track of those leads.

To manage your external companies navigate to:
Administration -> Job Settings -> External Companies


Here you can add a new company or edit an existing one.

To add a new company click the “Add new company” button from the top.

Next you’ll need to fill out some information:

  • Name – The company name.
  • Address – Company address for your records.
  • Phone number – So you can send this company SMS messages.
  • Wireless carrier – Read more about this in SMS Methods.

And submit when ready.


After submitting you will have more options for this company.

  • Workiz sync Email – For syncing with companies also using Workiz.
  • Notes – Any notes you have on this company.
  • External company fees – The commission settings for this company. Read more about this in External company commission settings

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