Service and products

The products and services list is where all your line items are set up.
When you later create an invoice or estimate this list would be available to select from.

Adding a new item

1. Log into your Workiz account.

2. Click the top cogwheel icon (Settings) and from the drop-down, click Settings.



3. The General Settings Page opens. Under the Job Settings Section, click Items & Products.

4. Click Add New to add a new item.

Workiz   Service and Products

5. In the pop-up enter the information for your new item.

  1. Is this item a service, a product or other.
  2. Enter a title for this item.
  3. Enter an end client price for this item (This can be modified when adding to an invoice or estimate.)
  4. Is this item taxable? Switch on or off to select if taxes should be applied when using in an invoice/ estimate.
  5. Unit cost – What is your cost per item.
  6. Item Description – Here you can enter a longer description of this service/ product that you provide.
  7. Part serial – An optional field for keeping track of SKU’s or part serials.

Note: You can modify those details when adding to a job/invoice/estimate. These are only pre-configured options.
So if you decided to charge $90.00 for a part that usually costs $100, it’s always an option.

6. Click Save to create your new item.

Using in your jobs/invoices/estimates

When you edit the items of a job/invoice/estimate you can click Add item.

Workiz   Invoice (1)


In the pop-up, click in the item name box to see / search for your items.

Workiz   Invoice (2)

You can type a name to narrow down/ search the list.

Click an item to select it.

Workiz   Invoice (3)

At this point, you can modify any of the items details just for this job/invoice/estimate.

Click save to add the item


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