Job closing via SMS

If you prefer not to grant your techs access to Workiz to view their job ( You can enable them to log in with special permissions) you can still save time and let them submit closing details for you to review and approve later.

To do this navigate to My Account from the side navigation and click the SMS settings tab.

Next enable the job closing switch located on the top right.

smssettingscloseThe next time you will Workiz from the job page like always, the tech will receive a confirmation link to confirm the job.
This time when he clicks the link the page will have few more options.

confirmcloseThis time he will have an option to add payments he collected for the job and add parts.
When done he can submit and Workiz will add: the total, payments and parts  to this job and move it to the “Done Pending Approval” status.
The tech will not be able to see these options again unless you or any other user with the right permissions will move the job back to another status.

The job is not done, it is simply waiting for you to approve and move to “Done” .



So you can always check your dashboard and see how many jobs are waiting for closing approval.


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