Job statuses

Workiz manages your jobs using job statuses.
A job can can be assigned to any status in order to indicate what stage the job is in right now.

Job statuses:

1.Submitted – The job is scheduled and is waiting for actions, usually for a tech to be assigned and dispatched. Jobs can can scheduled for now or any time in the future. The general idea is that the jobs submitted tab in your dashboard are all waiting to be moved out. So your dispatch or office team will always want to start working from there in an effort to clear the schedule.

2.In Progress – The in progress status generally indicates that the job is being preformed right now or that there is someone on route.
This helps you see what is out there and what techs are currently busy.

3.Pending – Not all jobs are simple as Submitted -> Progress -> Done.
Sometimes a client needs more time or maybe you are waiting for a part to arrive. The pending status is a great place for all these jobs waiting for the next step.
NOTE: Sub statuses work great for the pending status. you can add tags and colors like: Waiting for parts or followup needed …

4.Done pending approval – Some business owners require more control over their jobs and payments. This status allows you to create a “Buffer zone” between jobs that are marked done by a tech or a dispatch and jobs that you approve as done. One use of this is when a tech submits a closing via SMS The job would move to the Done pending approval status and wait for a qualified employee to approve it.

5.Canceled – Not all jobs end up done, unfortunately some get canceled this would be the end point for those jobs.
NOTE: “sub statuses” can help tag jobs with a cancel reason and help you identity issues with customer care or response time later on.

NOTE: Using the statistics report you can get numbers for what percentage of your jobs are getting canceled by ad sources, tech, dispatchers and areas.

To change a status, edit a job and select a status from the drop down located on the top right of the screen.

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