Job Tags

Job tags are another great way to organize your workflow.
You can create any tag you need and assign it to any job and even filter your results by tags later in your dashboard.

To assign a tag open an existing job (a job that has already been submitted).

From the top right buttons click the “Tags” button.


A small window will open with your tags.

We have already included 4 tags most commonly used in the field service industry.
Feel free to add new ones or delete those tags.

To assign a new tag click the tag and it will be assigned to this job.


To add a new tag enter a text for your tag, pick a color and click save tag.


To un-assign a tag from a job click the “x”  on the right of the tag.

To delete a tag click the “x” on the right of the tag in the tag box.


Note: If you delete a tag all jobs with this tag will lose this tag.

Note: Only users with the “Job Settings permission” can add or delete new tags, other users can still assign and un-assign them.

In Your Dashboard

You can now filter results in your dashboard according the the assigned tags.


Simply click on any tag to show only jobs with this tag.

Click “All” to reset the filter.

Note: You will only see tags that are relevant to the results displayed.
So if you have 3 jobs with the “Followup” tag you will have an option to filter by this tag.

In Your Advanced Report

The same process can be done for your advanced report .

In your report you can now in addition to all the standard filters narrow down results by tags.



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