Jobs management

The jobs page is considered the best view for getting as much information about your jobs as possible.

Each line represents a job with more data in the following columns:

  • Job ID – Click here to edit this job.
  • Dispatch – Who entered the job into the system.
  • Name – Client name or client company name.
  • Date – The time the job was set to.
  • Metro – The metro area assigned.
  • City – The city for the job location.
  • Zip Code – The zip code for the job location.
  • Phone – Client phone number.
  • Job Type – Job type assigned to this job.
  • Tech – Tech assigned + tags for confirmation by tech and job calls made through Telexio
  • Priority – A tag representing the urgency of this job.
  • Time in status – A tag showing how long the job was in this status.
  • Sub status – A tag for any sub status assigned.

The table can be sorted and arranged by any order you prefer.
The time tags and default order can be customized for color and behavior from the schedule settings page.

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