Mailchimp integration

Workiz lets you integrate your account with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an industry leader in marketing automation and with Workiz you can automatically add new client’s emails to your Mailchimp lists.

Setting Up

1.First make sure that you have a Mailchimp account.
If  you don’t have one, you can sign up here

2.In you Workiz account go to the top “Settings menu” and click on “Addons”

3.In the Addons page turn the Mailchimp addon to “On”

4.Next go “Settings” from the top right menu. and under integrations click “Mailchimp”

5.Now you will need your Mailchimp API key.
Follow these instructions to get your API KEY

6.Paste in your API key and click “Connect”

If all went well, then you will now see some new options.


Exporting all your clients

To do a one time export of your clients, click “Export All Clients”.

A pop up will come up notifying you how many clients in your account actually have a valid email address.
Select the list you would like to export to and click “Export”

Notice: it may take a little while got Mailchimp to show all imported clients depending on the import size.


Mailchimp lists

Mailchimp organizes your clients by Lists.
You can create new lists from Mailchimp or from Workiz.
Lists created in Workiz will immediately be available in your Mailchimp account and vice versa.

In your Mailchimp settings page, you can always see a list of your lists.
To add a new list click “Create new list” and enter the required information.

Automatically adding new clients

You can make sure that every new client created in you Workiz account gets added to a specific Mailchimp list.

In the Mailchimp settings page under Settings->Integrations under “Auto add new client to:” select the list you would like to add new clients to.

Now every time you add a new client with a valid email or update a client’s email, Workiz will add the client’s information to the selected list.


Exporting a specific client list from job report

You have the option to export a very specific list of clients to a Mailchimp list.
For example:
You run a carpet cleaning business and want to send a new coupon for all the clients that got cleaning services 6 months ago.

1.Create a new Mailchimp list named “Repeat business coupon” for example.

2.Go to “Reports” -> “Job report”

3.Select a date range of 7-6 months ago.

4.Change the “Job type” filter to  “Carpet cleaning” (or any other service you’d like)

5.Click the “Mailchimp” option and select a list to export all those contact to.

Now you have a very specific list of client to target your Email at.


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