Managing clients

Workiz allows you to manage your clients from the clients page.
You can view due payments, client details, properties and jobs.

Click the clients option from the left navigation to manage clients.

clientClients are added to your account from any new job you submit, you can also add new clients from the clients page.

The clients table is sorted by balances past due to show the client with past due amounts first.
You can always search for a client by: name, phone, email or company name using the search field on the top right.

searchclientTo view or edit the client click the client id from the first column on the left.

Single client view

singleclientThe client view shows all the information you need for this client.

1.Client dues – On the top right you can see the:

  • Total of due amounts from this client.
  • Total of past due amounts from this client.
  • Total revenue made from this client’s jobs.

2.Client info tab – the basic information for this client. This information is taken when you add a job please feel free to add to it.

3.Properties tab – Here you will see a list of the client’s locations for jobs done. This is very helpful when a client calls in. You can see all of his properties and create a job quickly from any of them.  Each property will have a “Create job” button that will create a new job with the address in place for you.

4.Jobs –  A list of jobs done for this client with the due amounts and again an option to create another job with the same details.


Clients are searched automatically when you enter relevant information form the job page. Read more about the client auto search






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