Metro areas

Metro areas are great for managing multiple service areas with different teams and different resources.
Do I need metro areas?
Assigning field techs to metro areas

Adding a metro area

1. Make sure to enable the Metro Areas add-on in on your account by clicking the top Settings icon and then Add-ons.

Workiz   DASHBOARD (1)


2. Go to your settings, again by clicking the top settings icon and then clicking Settings.


3. In your settings, click the metro areas tab.

4. Click Add new to create a new metro area:
Workiz   Metro Areas5. Add your new metro details:

  1. The name of this area – (Example: San Diego north county …)
  2. Center zip code – (An approximate zip code that represents the center of this area)
  3. Mile Radius – (A mile radius around this center that is considered part of this area)
  4. The color for this metro area – Optional, you can set the schedule to show jobs with the color of their metro area.
  5. Default tax – Select a default tax rate for this area, different counties have different tax codes.
  6. Advanced area selection – Draw the geographical area of this metro on a map for greater precision.

Workiz   Metro Areas (1)

6. Click save to create your new Metro area

Selecting an area on a map

To select an area on a map.
1. Edit or create a metro area

2. Set the Advanced area selection to on.

3. On the right, a map should appear.
Workiz   Metro Areas (2)

4. In the Enter location field enter the town/city name you want to mark, to quickly zoom in on it.

5. Click the area select icon

Workiz   Metro Areas (3)6. Start clicking on the map to mark your area boundaries. Double click to close off the area.

Workiz   Metro Areas (4)

7. Got it wrong? No problem, click the clear shape button to start over.

8. Click save to save your new preferences.

In your jobs

Now that you have your areas defined, Workiz will try to auto assign them for you based on the job’s location.
1. Add a new job or lead

2. In the address search field, start typing an address.


Once an address is selected, Workiz will auto select the relevant metro area or show you the closest one.
Alternatively, you can manually select one.




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