overriding commissions

Workiz allows you to automatically set up shares and commissions to your technicians and sub-contractors as well as for external companies providing you job leads.

For more about setting up commission finance rules read:

Technician finance and commissions
External companies commissions

In some cases you might want to override these rules for a specific job.
To make an adjustment to a job’s commission split edit any job by clicking the job ID link from your dashboard or from any other report.
Next click on the finance tab.

On the right you will notice a rate override box.


To override a techs commission rule move the switch to on.
Next chose if you want to give a percentage or an exact dollar amount by clicking on the “% / $” switch.
Next enter the percentage or dollar value you would like to give.
And finally click update

To override the referral / external company rate repeat the same steps with the referral rate section.

NOTE: If you make those updates on a done job, the job will be re-closed and recalculated for profits according to the new rules.

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