QuickBooks Online And Workiz What Gets Transferred

How does syncing Workiz and QuickBooks online work?


When you run a sync Workiz will do the following.

1.Get clients from QuickBooks, If we find a client with the same name in Workiz we will match them up.

2.Push clients from Workiz. If we find a duplicate in QuickBooks and can not match them we will add the Workiz client id to the last name.
Notice: Workiz allows you to add two clients with the same name, QuickBooks does not.

3.Get your items and products from QuickBooks.

4.Add your Workiz products and items to QuickBooks. We add all items under the “Services” account in QuickBooks.

5.Send marked invoices to QuickBooks along with all payments made.

6.Update any invoices that were already synced and have changes such as new items or payments.

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